We Are Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary

Our Vision.

At Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, we envision a world where parrots enjoy long and healthy lives – whether they live in natural or man-made environs.

Our Mission.

We do not breed, sell or adopt out any bird that comes to us. We give them a home where they can live with dignity respect. We ask nothing in return except that they help us educate people about how to keep both captive and wild parrots happy and healthy.

Our Values.

We are guided by the teachings of Albert Schweitzer who advises: Don’t stop to ask whether the animal or plant you meet deserves your sympathy, or how much it feels, or even whether it can feel at all: respect it and consider all life sacred.

Why we do what we do

Parrots like Poppy and Ruggles (right) are exceptional animals. Though for 20 years, we have been committed to protecting them and other exceptional birds in their flock, we are also realists. Parrots can live 50 or more years. We know what happens when people realize the pretty bird they thought would be a fun pet turns out to be much more work than they bargained for. We’ve seen what happens when family members aren’t prepared to handle Grandma’s “pretty boy” when she passes away.

To help people and birds in these situations, Tallgrass actively networks with animal welfare organizations, the veterinary community, conservation organizations and even human services groups, promoting the health and safety of captive parrots. For their sakes and ours.

…because no living being should be someone’s hobby.

Javi (left) arrived smelling of stale cigarette butts and rotted garbage. Her name was Hobby but we soon changed it to Javi, (pronounced “Ha-Vee”) because no living being should be someone’s hobby. Birds like Javi are why we do what we do.

I wish that I could say that she was a unique case, but sadly there are thousands of Javis out there. Parrots are not domesticated animals, even if they have been born into captivity and sold as “pets.” We may tame them but they still are wild.