Our Vision.

At Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, we envision a world where parrots enjoy long and healthy lives – whether they live in natural or man-made environs.

Our Mission.

We do not breed, sell or adopt out any bird that comes to us. We give them a home where they can live with dignity respect. We ask nothing in return except that they help us educate people about how to keep both captive and wild parrots happy and healthy.

Our Values.

We are guided by the teachings of Albert Schweitzer who advises: Don’t stop to ask whether the animal or plant you meet deserves your sympathy, or how much it feels, or even whether it can feel at all: respect it and consider all life sacred.

The humans of Tallgrass

Chief Executive Officer, Kail Marie, fell in love with animals as a child. A biology major in college, Kail became a zoo keeper upon graduation. During her 15 years in that capacity, she had countless injuries and hand-bones broken by more parrots than she can recall. While events like these might turn some away from animal rescue work, it only made Kail more determined to give animals homes where they are well cared for and safe. Kail is also a prolific artist, and when she’s not feeding birds, tending to farm animals or working as a counselor for disabled adults as part of an independent living center program, she can be found with a blowtorch in hand – Sculpting birds and other animals from found items like horseshoes, buckets, golf-clubs and rebar.
Vice President, Michelle Brown, is a County Prosecutor in Junction City, Kansas, where she is widely recognized as a champion for both people and animals in need. Michelle’s phone rings often with calls from staff at the county animal shelter or police department begging her to find a home for abandoned critters. Kail is never surprised when Michelle returns home after a day of work with a chicken, duck, dog – or even a goat – in the back seat of her car.

Our Facilities

Nestled on 6 rolling acres outside the rural community of Lecompton, Kansas, Tallgrass is home to more than 50 parrots of all sizes. More than 70 other lovable critters live on the property too, including humans, dogs, pigs, cats, tortoises, chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Our specially designed 1,500 square foot aviary houses our largest birds. Heated coops and sheds give our outdoor friends warmth and safe places to live. As a home-based facility, Tallgrass humans also share their living quarters with critters everyday.